Personalized Printed Cardboard Bags With Handles , Black Paper Carrier Bags

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Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 7-25 workdays after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information
Surface Handling: Offset Printing, Flexo Printing,Gold/Silver Hot Stamping Size: 24*10*17cm/28*10*20cm/30*13*25cm/ect
Usage: Promotion,Shopping,Gift,Grocery,Retail Merchandise,Take-away,Clo Thickness: 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm Or Customized
Name: Black Paper Carrier Bags Paper Type: Cardboard
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cardboard shopping bags


corrugated paper bags

Product Description


Personalized Printed Black Paper Carrier Bags , Cardboard Bags With Handles



Item Cardboard Paper Bag

Horizontal: 24cm (9.44') * 10cm(3.93') * 17cm(6.69')

28cm (11') * 10cm(3.93') * 20cm(7.87')

30cm (11.8') * 25cm(9.84') * 13cm(5.11')

32cm (12.59') * 11cm(4.33') * 25cm(9.84)

35cm (13.77') * 13cm(5.11') * 26cm(10.23')

40cm (15.74') * 10cm(3.93') * 30cm(11.81')

43cm (16.92') * 14cm(5.51') * 32cm(12.59')

Vertical: 12cm (4.72') * 6cm(2.36') * 19cm(7.48')

19cm (7.48') * 8cm(3.14') * 26cm(10.23')

20cm (7.87') * 10cm(3.93') * 28cm(11.02')

32cm (12.59') * 11cm(4.33') * 44cm(17.32')

25cm (9.84') * 11cm(4.33') * 33cm(12.99') or Customized.

Application Shopping, Gift, Wedding, Grocery, Retail Merchandise, Party, Apparel,Promotion, Restaurant Take-away, etc.



Personalized Printed Cardboard Bags With Handles , Black Paper Carrier Bags


1:Length: 19cm(7.48') * Width: 6cm(2.36") * Height: 13cm(5.11')


2:Length: 21cm(8.26') * Width: 7.5cm(2.95") * Height: 14cm(5.51')


3:Length: 24cm(9.44') * Width: 10cm(3.93") * Height: 17cm(6.69')


4:Length: 30cm(11.81') * Width: 8cm(3.14") * Height: 22cm(8.66')


5:Length: 34cm(13.38') * Width: 8cm(3.14") * Height: 28cm(11.02')


6:Length: 40cm(15.74') * Width: 10cm(3.93") * Height: 30cm(11.81')


7:Length: 13cm(5.11') * Width: 6cm(2.36") * Height: 19cm(7.48')


8:Length: 20cm(7.87') * Width: 9cm(3.54") * Height: 25cm(9.84')


9:Length: 20cm(7.87') * Width: 10cm(3.93") * Height: 28cm(11.02')


10:Length: 27cm(10.62') * Width: 10cm(3.93") * Height: 32cm(12.59')


11:Length: 26cm(10.23') * Width: 10cm(3.93,) * Height: 35cm(13.77')





Q: Is your corrugated board single or double wall?
A: We have both single and double wall, depends on your requirements.


Q: Can you print inside the box?
A: Yes, we can print inside of your boxes. When submitting artwork, please ensure that each artwork file is titled accordingly.


Q: Are the dimensions I pick precisely what I will receive?
A: Of course. We use digital printing and mechanical cutting and production techniques to eusure that.




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